U-Save Rebate GST voucher for 840,000 HBD households in October

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Sunday (02 Oct) that an estimate of 840,000 Singaporean HBD households will soon receive their Utilities-Save (U-Save) rebate GST Voucher in October for its next installment.download

Under the GST Voucher program, one of the three components of U-save will allow residents of one-room and two-room HBD flats to offset their utilities bills for about three to four months. Those living in three-room and four-room HBD flats can also avail the offset of utilities bills to about one to two months.

Further, all eligible Singaporean HBD households, depending on their acquired HBD flat type will also receive a U-save rebate GST voucher of roughly S$65 on average.

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